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Assisted Suicide – What’s The Big Song and Dance?

by Mik Scarlet, HuffPost UK, 21 August 2017 Mr Scarlet is a broadcaster, journalist, and musician. However much many would like to think that our community has gained increasing equality and rights, disabled people are still not seen as truly equal. With the Paralympics fast approaching and Channel 4 rolling out it’s Superhumans publicity campaign it… Read more »

I Am Proud To Be Called Disabled

by Mik Scarlet, HuffPost UK, 29 August 2017 Mr Scarlet is a broadcaster, journalist, and musician. “But the most amazing thing that being disabled has taught me is just how amazing and wonderful and stunning human beings are. We can adapt to anything. I walked up until I was 15, and then at 15 I became… Read more »

Shedding New Light On Hospice Care

by Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News, 7 September 2017 “The biggest misperception about hospice is that it’s ‘brink-of-death care,’” said Patricia Mehnert, a longtime hospice nurse and interim chief executive officer of TRU Community Care, the first hospice in Colorado. In fact, hospice care often makes a considerable difference for those with months to live. “There’s a… Read more »

Why the Irish get death right

by Kevin Toolis, The Guardian, 9 September 2017 In the Anglo-Saxon world, death is a whisper. Instinctively we feel we should dim the lights, lower our voices and draw the screens. We want to give the dead, dying and the grieving room. We say we do so because we don’t want to intrude. And that is… Read more »

Top New York court rules against physician-assisted suicide

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 7 September 2017 The New York court upheld the clear and fundamental distinction between killing and letting die. The withdrawal of treatment does not cause death, but rather it does not delay natural death from occurring whereas assisted suicide directly and intentionally causes death. The court then stated that… Read more »

A gentle parting eases the pain of death

by Clara Pirani, The Australian, 1 September 2017 Ms Pirani is the Associate Editor – Commercial, for The Australian. With a calm quiet reassurance that so many palliative care nurses possess, honed by years spent easing the sick from this world, she transformed our truly distressing situation into an almost comforting farewell. It’s harrowing to watch and leaves… Read more »

Asia-Pacific Hospice Group Condemns ‘Assisted Dying’

by Cynthia Goh, Asia-Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network, 2 August 2017 Associate Professor Cynthia Goh is Chair of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network. Australia and New Zealand are acknowledged leaders in fostering palliative care development in the Asia Pacific region. In much of this region, pioneers are struggling to establish good end-of-life services in the… Read more »

Palliative Care: the Pearl of Great Price

by Dr Katherine Pettus, Huffpost, 4 September 2017 Dr Pettus is a political theorist, and an advocate for improved access to internationally controlled medicines and the rights of older persons. Palliative care is an approach, an ethic, a multi-disciplinary sub-speciality, not just a new element that can be added and stirred into health systems. Palliative care doesn’t… Read more »

Why I’ll be voting no to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017

by Walt Secord, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 September 2017 Walt Secord is NSW Shadow Health Minister for Health and Deputy Opposition leader in the NSW Legislative Council. I saw first-hand the experiences of those in our nation’s nursing homes and how it was almost impossible – despite the best intentions – to protect the most vulnerable… Read more »