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Dave Churchman is dying, but he’s facing it with a smile

by David Burroughs, Taranaki Daily News, 10 September 2016 Mr Burroughs reports on Dave Churchman, a 53-year old New Plymouth man with cancer. As the former owner/operator of New Plymouth’s House of Travel, he spent a number of hours raising money for Hospice Taranaki, which is now caring for him. “It’s one of those things… Read more »

They’re killing psychiatric patients in the Netherlands

by S. Kim et al, ‘Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide of Patients with Psychiatric Disorders in the Netherlands 2011 to 2014’, JAMA Psychiatry. 2016;73(4):362-368. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2015.2887. The authors reviewed 66 case summaries provided by Dutch regional euthanasia committees. Euthanasia or assisted suicide (EAS) of psychiatric patients is increasing in some jurisdictions such as Belgium and the Netherlands. However, little… Read more »

They’re killing psychiatric patients in Belgium

by Lieve Thienpont et al, ‘Euthanasia requests, procedures and outcomes for 100 Belgian patients suffering from psychiatric disorders: a retrospective, descriptive study’, BMJ Open 2015;5: e007454. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2014-007454 The authors of this study are involved in the euthanasia of psychiatric patients in Belgium. The study looks at the first 100 requests for euthanasia in the outpatient clinic… Read more »

Canadian lawyers want to expand “assisted dying” law

by Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press, 12 August 2016 A quick recap: in February 2015 the Canadian Supreme Court ruled in the Carter case that a blanket ban against assisted suicide was ‘unconstitutional’ because it was ‘too broad’. The Canadian Parliament could have overridden that ruling, but chose instead to pass legislation this year to… Read more »

Euthanasia tourists, especially from France, flocking to Belgium for a lethal dose

by Ritwik Roy, International Business Times, 20 August 2016 Euthanasia tourists are flocking to Brussels to get a lethal dose. Doctors at hospitals and clinics at Belgium’s capital are seeing an increase in number of euthanasia tourists who are travelling from across the world to their accident and emergency rooms. As elective medical killings are… Read more »

Why 9NEWS uses the words assisted ‘suicide’

by Brandon Rittiman, KUSA, 19 August 2016 Colorado will be voting in November on an assisted suicide proposal. Local television station KUSA 9 News explains why they will be using the term “assisted suicide” in their coverage of the issue. Supporters of that law have asked 9NEWS not to call it assisted “suicide.” They’d rather we… Read more »

Confronting mortality and dying well

by Cathy O’Leary, The West Australian, 21 August 2016 Ms O’Leary tells the story of Naomi and Scott Blackwell. Ms Blackwell was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Her husband Scott is a palliative care specialist who “was suddenly in the role of family carer, rather than doctor.” They chose doctors to treat Naomi who were on… Read more »

Rest home caregiver’s slap caught on hidden camera

by Libby Wilson, Stuff, 22 August 2016 Ms Wilson reports on the case of 86-year old Hamilton man Piri Hemi, who has dementia, limited mobility and can’t see or hear well. The Hemi family reluctantly put Piri into a rest home when his care needs got too much for Piri’s wife of 65 years, Betty, son Allan Hemi… Read more »

Study Examines Major Flaws in Assisted Suicide Laws

Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide, 17 August 2016 A recent study of euthanasia and assisted suicide “highlights a major problem with PAS laws and legislation, one that we’ve been talking about since this battle started: terminal patients have high rates of depression, but are not required to receive a professional mental health evaluation or treatment… Read more »