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Assisted suicide vs. liberal values


by Charles Camosy, New York Daily Times, 30 January 2017 The New York state legislature is facing yet another push to legalise assisted suicide. Dr Camosy, a bioethics specialist at Fordham University, explains why assisted suicide is “antithetical to liberal values”. Most people who honestly contemplate the long-term consequences of this legislation realize that legalizing the… Read more »

Struck-off doctor sends six dementia patients to Swiss suicide clinics


by Sanchez Manning, Mail on Sunday, 22 January 2017 Ms Manning reports that a psychiatrist who was struck off in 2006 by the United Kingdom’s General Medical Board “has helped six British dementia sufferers to end their lives at assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland.” Psychiatrist Colin Brewer, who is no longer allowed to practise in… Read more »

Canadian euthanasia law could ‘save’ $138 million a year in health care costs

by Kelly Grant, The Globe and Mail, 23 January 2017 Ms Grant reports on an analysis of the financial consequences of Canada’s euthanasia law (using the euphemism of choice, ‘Medical Aid In Dying’ or MAID.) Canada’s medical-aid-in-dying law could save the country’s health-care system as much as $138.8-million a year, depending on the number of people… Read more »

Kathryn Tucker reveals her true colours: ‘normalising assisted suicide within the practice of medicine’


by Kathryn Tucker, Jurist.Org, 15 December 2016 Ms Tucker is one of the most influential pro-euthanasia advocates in the United States, including more than 20 years working for Compassion & Choices. In 2015 she co-wrote (with the University of Otago’s Professor Andrew Geddis) a journal article arguing that the New Zealand High Court could and should “distinguish between… Read more »

Experts warn Australians against following overseas experience with euthanasia


by Debra Vermeer, Mercatornet, 16 January 2017 Ms Vermeer interviewed Professor Margaret Somerville, “a prominent anti-euthanasia voice in the Canadian debate leading up to the introduction of ‘assisted dying’ (physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia) laws there last year”. She says claims by Australian pro-euthanasia advocates, including media personality Andrew Denton, that euthanasia and assisted suicide is working… Read more »

Administrative Error – An Open Letter to the Greens on Euthanasia Safeguards


by Samantha Connor, Gimpled, 16 January 2017 Ms Connor reflects on the New South Wales’ Coroner’s report into the death of Shona Hookey, “a young Aboriginal woman who died in the Emergency Department of the Campbelltown Hospital on 19 July 2013. She suffered from severe intellectual disability and had a history of epilepsy, stroke, right side hemiplegia and other… Read more »

Running dynamo Bernie Portenski in hospice, still smiling and cracking jokes

by Kevin Norquay, DominionPost, 18 January 2017 Mr Norquay reports that “Ms Portenski, 67, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May, three days before the Rotorua Marathon, preventing her from running it for a 34th consecutive time.” An always-smiling, nonstop wise-cracking runner who qualified for the 1992 Olympics, won three Rotorua Marathons, twice completed an Ironman and was… Read more »

Netherlands: Assisted dying could be legalised for over-75s who have had ‘enough of life’


Dutch News, 19 December 2016 In October 2016 the Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers advised Parliament that “the government was looking to legalise assisted suicide for elderly people who were ‘suffering from life’.” In December Pia Dijkstra, a D66 Member of Parliament, proposed a bill that “would make it legal to arrange the death of anyone with… Read more »

Canadian bioethicists call for organ donor euthanasia


by Michael Cook, BioEdge, 14 January 2017 Euthanasia was legalised in Canada in June 2016, following a Supreme Court ruling in 2015. Mr Cook reports that in December 2016 Julie Allard and Marie-Chantal Fortin, bioethicists at the University of Montreal, published a paper calling for organ donation after euthanasia. As a policy, it has only… Read more »