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When euthanasia ‘safeguards’ become ‘barriers to access’


Aubert Martin, Mercatornet, 4 July 2017 M. Martin is the Executive Director of Vivre dans la Dignité, a Canadian organisation opposing euthanasia. In this article he analyses a legal case in Canada in which “two people living with disabilities who were refused the assistance of a physician to kill themselves … requested the removal of the ‘reasonably foreseeable death’… Read more »

Euthanasia: toxic messages feeding fear


by Paul Russell, The Spectator Australia, 10 June 2017 Mr Russell is the Founder and Director of HOPE, a leading Australian group opposing the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide. Putting aside the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide and the spectre of elder abuse for a moment, I am genuinely concerned about the treatment… Read more »

Euthanasia advocates’ survey still shabby, still wrong

Media release, Care Alliance, 2 June 2017 Euthanasia advocates’ survey still shabby, still wrong Matthew Jansen, Secretary of the Care Alliance, says he is disappointed that the New Zealand Medical Journal has chosen to publish an article by Phillipa Malpas, Mike Wilson and Pam Oliver based on their flawed 2015 survey. Mr Jansen said the… Read more »

An empty chair, a missing Premier, a poignant metaphor


by Paul Russell, The Spectator, 12 April 2017 Mr Russell is the Director of HOPE, a leading anti-euthanasia group in Australia. In this article he reflects on the recent Melbourne performances of Assisted Suicide: The Musical (created and starring the legendary Liz Carr). Part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Liz’s show is incredibly funny as it is poignant…. Read more »

Health Select Committee: 77% of Submissions Oppose Euthanasia


Media release, Care Alliance, 5 May 2017 Health Select Committee: 77% of Submissions Oppose Euthanasia Analysis of 21,277 submissions to the Health Select Committee’s investigation into end of life issues shows that 16,411 opposed the legalisation of euthanasia, while 4,142 supported legalisation. Releasing the analysis today Matthew Jansen, Secretary of the Care Alliance, said “the… Read more »

Euthanasia rates rise by 10% in the Netherlands


by Xavier Symons, BioEdge, 22 April 2017 Mr Symons reports that the official 2016 report of the Dutch euthanasia committee shows a 10 percent increase in recorded euthanasia deaths over 2015. The report states that in 2016, 6091 patients were euthanised, up from 5516 in 2015. Most of the cases of euthanasia involved people with cancer, serious… Read more »

“This bill is dangerous. Doctors make mistakes every day.”


by John Kelly, Santa Fe New Mexican, 20 March 2017 John Kelly is a writer, disability rights activist and director of Second Thoughts Massachusetts: Disability Rights Advocates against Assisted Suicide. He marked the defeat of a an assisted suicide bill in New Mexico by observing that in 2011 Santa Fe resident Aja Riggs asked a court to rule that… Read more »

Listen to Dutch expert on ‘death with dignity’


by Kathryn Swegart, central, 3 May 2017 Ms Swegart pens a Letter to the Editor urging people in Maine – where yet another assisted suicide bill has been introduced – to consider the lessons from the Netherlands. In 1994, Holland became the first nation to officially legalize assisted dying. At that time, it was the… Read more »

We need a rethink on palliative care – it works best if started early


by Miriam Stoppard, Daily Mirror, 14 April 2017 Dr Stoppard notes that “Most of us think palliative care is for people in the terminal stage of cancer . It is often delayed until the last few weeks or days of life when treatments are no longer effective.However, we need to rethink that as up to 80%… Read more »