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Matthew Parris: Some day soon we’ll all accept that useless lives should be ende

by Matthew Parris, The Spectator, September 2015 Matthew Parris – the London-based writer and commentator, and regular Radio New Zealand correspondent – is an advocate of legalising assisted suicide. His ideas are worth sharing because he makes explicit the threat to vulnerable people – the elderly, the disabled, the poor – who in his view take more than they… Read more »

Thinking again about palliative care

by Karen Hitchcock, The Monthly, July 2014 Australian doctor Karen Hitchcock reflects on the end of life experience of her grandmother. We seek ways to make things in the last months and years neat and pre-determined and (dare I say it) cost-effective. But no algorithm or flow chart can accommodate the messy intricacies of dying…. Read more »

University of Auckland researcher to speak at Euthanasia 2016 conference

by Matthew Jansen, Care Alliance, 6 January 2016 University of Auckland researcher Dr Pam Oliver will speak at the Euthanasia 2016 conference in Amsterdam in May this year. Dr Oliver is scheduled to speak about ‘Improving the legislation to reduce barriers to assisted dying’. Dr Oliver and her colleague Dr Phillipa Malpas were at the… Read more »

Matt Vickers to speak at Euthanasia 2016 conference

by Matthew Jansen, Care Alliance, 5 January 2016 Matt Vickers will speak at the Euthanasia 2016 conference in Amsterdam in May this year. Mr Vickers is scheduled to speak in the ‘Campaign’ programme of the conference alongside George Eighmey from Oregon. Mr Eighmey, a former Oregon House Representative and director of Compassion & Choices, sparked… Read more »

Lessons I learned about life from my mother’s early death

by Gary Younge, The Guardian, 31 December 2015 Gary Younge’s mother died suddenly and unexpectedly aged 44 when he was 19-years old. He reflects on the “three valuable lessons I would probably never have learned without her untimely death”: that life is short and precarious; that you only get one life, and while it might be short,… Read more »

Philip Nitschke says people don’t need to be sick to seek voluntary euthanasia

by Christopher Walsh, NT News, 28 December 2015 At least Philip Nitschke is honest and consistent. Wrong, but honest and consistent. Dr Nitschke said he bel­ieved any legislative changes to permit voluntary euthanasia should include everybody and not just the terminally ill. “I think it’s a mistake to not talk about this growing social phenomenon and… Read more »

Here’s who uses Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act

by Lindsey Cook, US News, 16 October 2015 Ninety-seven percent of  patients who have died from lethal medication since the law took effect were white, consistent with figures from last year alone that showed 95 percent of patients were white. According to the Census, the state of Oregon is 77 percent white. Hispanics, who made up 12 percent of the… Read more »

Last year, Wilko Johnson cheated death – now he’s back, and bloody annoyed

by Kate Mossman, New Statesman, 21 December 2015 Doctors do fantastic things for us every single day. But they are not invincible, and some times they make mistakes just like the rest of us. It might be a mistake of diagnosis or prognosis or treatment. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the former Dr Feelgood… Read more »