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Canada shows that assisted suicide is a cliff, not a slippery slope

Media release, Care Alliance, 22 April 2016 Canada shows that assisted suicide is a cliff, not a slippery slope John Kleinsman, Chair of the Care Alliance, says that Canada is providing a stark warning that “assisted suicide is a cliff, not a slippery slope”. The Canadian government last week submitted a bill that would legalise… Read more »

Exceptions to assisted suicide eventually will fall away, as they must

by Andrew Coyne, National Post, 15 April 2016 Andrew Coyne analyses the Canadian experience of legalising assisted suicide from the Supreme Court decision to the recently introduced bill, and observes that “When you are normalizing suicide, don’t be surprised if it leads to some nightmarish places.” The government has introduced legislation in response to the court’s… Read more »

Green Party demands review into mental health services

New Zealand Herald, 17 April 2016 The Green Party is demanding further investigation of mental health services in the wake of what it calls a “damning review” of the Waikato District Health Board’s psychiatric care. Green Party health spokesman Kevin Hague said today, “Mental health services in DHBs are under-resourced and the minister’s slow erosion… Read more »

A letter to the hospice doctor who helped us to say goodbye

Anonymous, The Guardian, 26 March 2016 Over the next days, when on duty, you appear quietly in the room with an aura of respect for the sacred space we have created with flowers, cards and drawings by grandchildren. You never talk loudly to my father as if he is deaf or stupid. You also never… Read more »

Help the mentally ill. Don’t kill them.

by Denise Batters, National Post, 14 March 2016 Denise Batters QC is a Canadian Senator, whose husband committed suicide in 2009. She responds to a Canadian parliamentary report into physician-assisted suicide. The committee did not require that illness be terminal or life-threatening. It included psychological suffering as grounds for physician-assisted suicide — without any requirement… Read more »

Stop asking victims to protect themselves – report

RNZ News, 25 February 2016 The New Zealand independent Family Violence Death Review Committee has released its fifth report. In the 10 years to 2012, there were 312 family violence deaths in New Zealand. Domestic abuse charity Shine supports the call for agencies to take practical steps to make victims safe. Jill Proudfoot, who heads… Read more »

Canada: Report recommends euthanasia for dementia, for minors, for psychiatric conditions and without effective oversight

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 25 February 2016 A joint committee of the Canadian Parliament has released its report on “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAID) as part of the process of responding to the February 2015 Carter decision of the Supreme Court. That decision referred to “a competent adult person”, but the joint committee… Read more »

We need to hear Māori and Pacific voices on the euthanasia debate

by Mamari Stephens, e-Tangata, 21 February 2016 There’s been considerable debate within mainstream media outlets about euthanasia. I know this because Stuff has a tab under its “National” news page called “Euthanasia”. In my view, there’s considerable work being done to prepare the ground for David Seymour’s bill to be ushered into law, should it be drawn…. Read more »