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How Oliver Sacks put a human face on the science of the mind

by Norman Doidge, Globe and Mail, 10 February 2016 Norman Doidge writes a long article about the remarkable life and dying of Dr Oliver Sacks, the renowned neurologist and author of Awakenings, “whose work and life remind us that humanity belongs at the heart of medicine”. In February, 2015, neurologist Oliver Sacks – arguably the… Read more »

Physician-assisted suicide a bad move for Colorado

by Michelle Stanford, The Coloradoan, 4 February 2016 Dr Stanford is a pediatrician in Colorado who opposed the introduction of an assisted suicide bill in her state. Regularly I see adolescent patients contemplating ending their life. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Colorado youth ages 10 to 24. Colorado has the seventh-highest suicide deaths… Read more »

Caregiver and employer faulted after death

by Kate Pereyra Garcia, RNZ News, 1 February 2016 A caregiver and the residential home he worked for have been found to have breached the rights of a disabled man who died in their care. A report by the Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Rose Wall was released this afternoon. In it Ms Wall said Creative… Read more »

Access to Palliative Care Bill progresses to committee stage in House of Lords

by Tom Moran, eHospice, 1 February 2016 Baroness Finlay – the British doctor and professor of palliative care who provided evidence for the Crown in Seales v Attorney-General – has introduced the Access to Palliative Care Bill in the House of Lords. The bill, which was debated in the Lords in October, seeks to ensure that… Read more »

Committee rejects Colorado’s proposed assisted suicide law

by Joey Bunch, Denver Post, 6 February 2016 A bill that would have legalized assisted suicide in Colorado failed in a legislative committee on an 8-5 bipartisan vote Friday night. The vote came after 11 hours of testimony from doctors, clergy and people with terminal illnesses and disabilities.  Rep. Lois Court, D-Denver, broke down as… Read more »

Meet the death doulas: the women who stay by your side to the end

by Karen McVeigh, The Guardian, 3 February 2016 Ms McVeigh interviews two women in London who have trained as end of life or death “doulas”, people who accompany the terminally ill through their journey. “Nobody wants to die,” says Letimier. “But it can be about giving permission to express what is worrying them. Many fear too… Read more »

The Deaths Of Two Fathers

Guest Post by Alwyn Poole, 1 February 2016 I had two fathers who died two quite different deaths. One, my birth father (who I never met), chose suicide assisted by a shotgun in his back shed. The other, the one who adopted me and brought me up, died of natural causes in his lounge –… Read more »

Belgium 2015 euthanasia report: Deaths continue to rise.

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 27 January 2016 Alex Schadenberg explains that the Belgian official statistics, which show another rise in the number of euthanasia deaths, are significantly under-reporting the real case. The 2015 Belgian euthanasia data indicates that the number of euthanasia deaths continue to increase. According to the Belgian media, in 2015, there… Read more »

Assisted Suicide and Depression: A personal experience.

by Patricia Russo, 24 March 2014 Ms Russo writes movingly of her personal experience of living with depression for 50 years, and the impact that the assisted suicide debate has on her. The image of dying in the arms of one who loves you is very painful to behold by one who is suicidal and… Read more »

Inconvenient Facts About Assisted Suicide

by Matthew Jansen, MetroMag, 18 January 2016 Matthew Jansen (the Secretary of the Care Alliance) provided a response to Graham Adams’ earlier article on assisted suicide. Mr Adams asserted that there “is simply no evidence” that euthanasia “would be an option frail old people would think they ought to take.” Unfortunately there is such evidence,… Read more »