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Hospice humor gains a following


by Allie Shah, Star Tribune, 6 March 2017 Ms Shah reports on how American hospices are embracing “the power of humor to help cope with serious illness and to enjoy life at all stages.” Roy Cato is dying. But that hasn’t stopped him or his caregivers from finding a way to keep laughing. Whether it’s jokes… Read more »

Mum told: Your son deserves to die


by Tara Cassidy, Daily Mercury, 23 February 2017 Ms Cassidy reports that a Queensland mother was “left reeling after another shopper said that they were the reason ‘why euthanasia should be legalised in this country’.” She was shopping at Caneland Central with her family when Travis, 4, experienced a minor epileptic fit, which left him drooling… Read more »

Ron Jones: Leave doctors out of ‘assisted dying’ discussion


by Ron Jones, New Zealand Herald, 23 March 2017 Dr Jones is a retired doctor who “spent most of his professional life caring for women with gynaecological cancer. During this time I was never asked to deliberately end the life of one of them; my wife died of cancer in her mid-40s.” In this opinion piece… Read more »

16,000 Voices: Kiwis say no to euthanasia


The Every Life Research Unit has launched a new website and social media campaign highlighting the Health Select Committee submissions opposing legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide. The campaign title is taken from their September 2016 statistical analysis of the 21,436 submissions, which estimated that 78% of submissions were opposed. One of the featured submissions… Read more »

United States Doctors Tweak Aid-In-Dying Drugs To Prevent Prolonged Deaths


by JoNel Aleccia, Kaiser Health News, 17 February 2017 Ms Aleccia reports that doctors providing assisted suicide Washington and Oregon are “once again rethinking aid-in-dying medications — this time because they’re taking too long to work.” The first Seconal alternative turned out to be too harsh, burning patients’ mouths and throats, causing some to scream in pain…. Read more »

Accompanying my mother through the process of dying as her carer, confidant and friend


by Heather Wiseman, Palliative Care Australia, 9 February 2017 Ms Wiseman helps Shannon Calvert tell the story of the palliative care services provided to Ms Calvert’s mother, who was diagnosed with cancer aged 68. During one of mum’s hospital visits I came across brochures on palliative care and advance care planning. I asked a doctor whether mum might… Read more »

Murder – it’s not OK


by Hilary Stace, Public Address, Dr Stace reflects on responses to cases in New Zealand of parents killing their disabled children, including Casey Albury in 1997. The reporting around Casey’s death focussed on the burden of caring for someone with high needs, and there was much public sympathy for her mother. The personhood of Casey,… Read more »

Radio NZ: ‘I’m tired of having teenagers telling me their suicide plans’


by John Gerritsen, RNZ News, 9 February 2017 Mr Gerritsen reports that the Education and Science Select Committee has been told that “disabled schoolchildren are suicidal and stressed because they are not getting enough help for their disabilities.” Speech language therapist Shannon Henig told the Committee: “I’m tired of having teenagers telling me their suicide… Read more »