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I had lump in my breast. So why did the radiologist focus on my disability?


by Susan S. Turner, Washington Post, 1 January 2017 Ms Turner contracted polio as a child, and now uses crutches and leg braces as mobility aids. In this article she describes how her disability affected her treatment for a completely unrelated medical condition. In what is only 15 minutes but feels like an hour, I hear the… Read more »

Minnesota appeals court upholds conviction for assisted suicide


by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 19 December 2016 Mr Schadenberg reports on a long-running criminal case of assisting suicide in Minnesota. The Minnesota appeals court upheld the conviction of the Final Exit Network in the assisted suicide death of Doreen Dunn who died May 30, 2007. On May 14, 2015, the Final Exit Network was found guilty, by… Read more »

Canada: Families shouldering burden as home care dwindles for dying patients


by Simon Gardner, CBC News, 12 December 2016 When Canada legalised euthanasia earlier this year, it did so on the promise that people would have access to high-quality palliative care. i Mr Gardner, however, reports that home-based palliative care in Ottawa is “overwhelmed by the needs we have and the requests we have”. Rose Steenbakkers grew… Read more »

Take my hand – why pictures of hands have become the symbol of end-of-life care

Senior woman sharing a flower with an elderly woman

by Laura Middleton-Green, WordPress, July 2015 Ms Middleton-Green is a doctoral student and the Marie Curie Clinical Academic Research Fellow in Palliative and End of Life Care at the University of Bradford. In this post on her personal blog she ponders why “pictures of hands have become a ubiquitous symbol of end-of-life care.  It seems that hands are… Read more »

Maryan Street should unequivocally and immediately reject ExitAction


Care Alliance media release, 15 December 2016 Maryan Street should unequivocally and immediately reject ExitAction The Care Alliance has called on Maryan Street, President of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, to unequivocally and immediately reject Philip Nitschke’s plan to launch ExitAction in New Zealand. “Ms Street has so far avoided the issue with a classic side-step,”… Read more »

That was quick – Canada looks to extend euthanasia eligibility


by Matthew Jansen, Care Alliance, 15 December 2016 The Canadian government has announced that it will conduct reviews for the extension of the euthanasia and assisted suicide law introduced earlier this year, including: requests by mature minors advance requests requests where mental illness is the sole underlying medical condition.   The real agenda of the… Read more »

Euthanasia group plans to turn militant in NZ over the buying of lethal drugs


by Tom Hunt, DominionPost, 14 December 2016 Mr Hunt reports that Australian euthanasia doctor Philip Nitzschke (now resident in the Netherlands) is planning “to set up a new militant arm of his organisation in New Zealand to import large quantities of lethal drugs” to enable people to commit suicide. Exit International director Philip Nitschke said his… Read more »

A lesson on life’s end: How one college class is rethinking doctor training


by Shayla Love, Stat News, 7 December 2016 Ms Love reports on a new class for pre-med students at Columbia University. The class, called Life at the End of Life, places students with medical aspirations — before they even apply to medical school — with patients at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center (TCC),… Read more »