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101 oncologists oppose assisted suicide legislation

Letter sent to Parliament of Victoria, 19 September 2017 We collectively represent a significant proportion of the oncology workforce in the state of Victoria. Physician assisted dying places people at risk of coercion that is both active and passive. As a consequence of assisted dying laws, society re-assesses the value of life; and the individual… Read more »

All About Relieving Suffering? Think Again

A blog post from HOPE: Preventing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, 23 September 2017 It is surely irresponsible not to actually refer a person, who under the Bill’s requirements is supposedly experiencing suffering “that cannot be relieved”, to a palliative care specialist for a full and thorough palliative care assessment. The Bill simply adopts a checklist,… Read more »

Palliative care doctors hit out at state government’s proposed voluntary euthanasia laws

by Matt Johnston and Monique Hore, Herald Sun, 20 September 2017 But director of palliative medicine at St Vincent’s Melbourne, Associate Professor Mark Boughey, said he feared this would alter people’s attitudes towards healthcare and patients may feel pressure to end their lives early. Deputy director of palliative medicine at St Vincent’s, Dr Jenny Weil,… Read more »

American College of Physicians Opposes Assisted Suicide

by Wesley J. Smith, Evolution News, 19 September 2017 The internist members of the ACP understand that assisted suicide is not beneficent. It is, rather — even though unintended — the abandonment of those among us experiencing their time of greatest need for unconditional inclusion, love, and truly compassionate care. Good for the ACP for leading on this crucial… Read more »

Legalising assisted dying would be a failure of collective human memory and imagination

by Margaret Somerville, The Guardian, 20 September Margaret Somerville is professor of bioethics in the school of medicine at the University of Notre Dame Australia. If euthanasia were a stone thrown into a pond, pro-euthanasia advocates see only the stone and the immediate splash, not the stone’s antecedents or the widespread ripples it sets off. These… Read more »

Māori Party: Do not vote for Labour over euthanasia 20/09/2017

by Newshub, 20 September 2017 In a statement released by the party, Tuilagi Saipele Esera, Māori Party Candidate for Manukau East, said Labour’s intention to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide was against Christian and Pacific cultural values.  “Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a rejection of the importance and value of human life. Do not vote… Read more »

“Going Palliative” is Not a Thing

by Staci Mandrola, Pallimed, 18 September 2017 Palliative care is for patients with any prognosis. Palliative care manages distressing symptoms at any stage of life and illness. Palliative care provides social, emotional and spiritual support to patients dealing with serious illness and their families. Palliative care helps patients determine what gives their lives meaning and how… Read more »

Palliative care gave me a better quality of life

by Áilín Quinlan, The Irish Examiner, 14 September 2017 “I was in a very dark place at the time, and up to that point, palliative care to me was synonymous with death and dying,” he [Donal Crowley] recalls. “People think that palliative care is all about dying,” says Ann McAtamney, Assistant Director of Nursing and Palliative Care… Read more »

Why are we so afraid of dementia?

by Peter Kevern, The Conversation, 21 September 2017 Peter Kevern is an Associate Professor in Values in Care, Staffordshire University. There can be no doubt that it is frequently a terrible condition both for the patient and those close to them, robbing everyone of peace, dignity, enjoyment and hope, and crushing the spirits of carers over… Read more »