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‘Death with dignity’ devalues disability

by Mike Volkman, Times Union, 27 November 2017 What does it mean to die with dignity? Or the opposite, what is death without dignity or with indignity? There is no legal definition. It is a phrase people like to use with the hope that it is sufficient and accepted. Remember the bit George Carlin did in… Read more »

Disabled lives are worth living – euthanasia implies otherwise

by Claire Freeman, Stuff, 15 December 2017 While it is commendable that we are discussing euthanasia, we need to be extremely careful not to make assumptions about the quality of life of others like myself – people with grievous and irremediable medical conditions. When the majority of health professionals believe that lives like mine are not worth… Read more »

A message to Victorians on euthanasia

by Liz Carr, The Spectator, 17 August 2017 Liz Carr is a UK actor, comedian and disability rights activist perhaps best known as forensic examiner Clarissa Mullery in the BBC’s Silent Witness. Disability is fundamental in any discussion about assisted suicide: those high profile campaigns calling for a change to the law are almost always fronted… Read more »

Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.2 – Death

by Mik Scarlet, HuffPost UK, 16 August 2017 Mr Scarlet is a broadcaster, journalist, and musician. This is the biggest thing I have learned about death; it happens at the end of life but it’s life that matters the most. The great leveller should also be the great motivator. Don’t ignore that you will die, and… Read more »

Assisted Suicide – What’s The Big Song and Dance?

by Mik Scarlet, HuffPost UK, 21 August 2017 Mr Scarlet is a broadcaster, journalist, and musician. However much many would like to think that our community has gained increasing equality and rights, disabled people are still not seen as truly equal. With the Paralympics fast approaching and Channel 4 rolling out it’s Superhumans publicity campaign it… Read more »