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Why I’m voting ‘no’ on the assisted suicide bill: Seselja

by Zed Seselja, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 August 2018 It’s impossible not to be moved by the plight of terminally ill Australians who are enduring real suffering. But the question we have to ask as legislators is – will crossing this ethical threshold lead to better or worse outcomes for Australians, particularly our most vulnerable… Read more »

Only one certainty if we make assisted suicide legal

by Dominic Perrottet, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 2017 It’s got me wondering: if NSW or Victoria did cross that threshold, would news organisations continue to include the same potentially life-saving referral to suicide-prevention services in their reports? Or will that footnote need to be updated, with one message for those whose deaths the publishers wish… Read more »

Assisted suicide is dangerously disablist

by Phillippa Willitts, Global Comment, 22 September 2017 Philippa Willitts is a British freelance writer who specialises in writing about disability, women’s issues, social media and tech. Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the current assisted suicide debate in the UK and around the world is the idea that suicide prevention is very, very important and… Read more »