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10 Questions for David Seymour: #2

by Care Alliance, 13 July 2017

Click here to view the 10 Questions For David Seymour website, with questions (and answers!) being added between 12 July and 25 July.

#2 Are people with mental illness in or out?

  • “Rarely in those societies with liberalised assisted dying laws are psychiatrists involved in the decision-making for individuals requesting early death. This role is fulfilled by non-specialists.” (Macleod, Sandy. “Assisted dying in liberalised jurisdictions and the role of psychiatry: A clinician’s view.” Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 46.10 (2012): 936-945).
  • Legalising either euthanasia or assisted suicide in the current New Zealand context where it is readily acknowledged that specialist mental health and addiction services “are experiencing increasing pressure” (p. 3) places a significantly large number of vulnerable people (162,222 in 2015) in an extremely risky situation

Conclusion: Persons with mental health conditions would be eligible under the David Seymour Bill.

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