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10 Questions for David Seymour: #8

by Care Alliance, 21 July 2017

Click here to view the 10 Questions For David Seymour website, with questions (and answers!) being added between 12 July and 25 July.

#8 How does this not undermine suicide prevention efforts?

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“Familial transmission of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: evidence from a general population sample.” (Goodwin, Renee D., Annette L. Beautrais, and David M. Fergusson, 2004).

“Exposure to the suicidal behaviour of family members has been well-established as a risk factor for youth suicidal behaviour in the professional literature” (M. Franci Crepeau‐Hobson, and Nancy L. Leech)

“Risk of suicidal behaviours among those exposed to the suicide is significantly higher than those unexposed” (Maple, Myfanwy, et al. 2016)

Conclusion: Providing suicide assistance for some undermines suicide prevention for everyone. There is no bright line between so-called ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ suicide because all the same social, economic and health factors are involved.

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