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16,000 Voices: Kiwis say no to euthanasia

The Every Life Research Unit has launched a new website and social media campaign highlighting the Health Select Committee submissions opposing legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The campaign title is taken from their September 2016 statistical analysis of the 21,436 submissions, which estimated that 78% of submissions were opposed.

One of the featured submissions is from Hamish:

I am a veterinarian and deal with death and euthanasia regularly. To me putting an animal down that is terminally ill, dangerous or in pain is totally different to assisted suicide. The difference, although quite obvious, is that humans and animals are not the same. Animals live by the law of the big and strong dominating and living off the poorer or weaker animals. This is demonstrated time and again in the animal kingdom with the predator animals eating prey animals or those that are smaller or weaker than themselves. The predators will often pick out the weak or sick animals or the young and vulnerable animals to kill and eat. Humans on the other hand are totally different to animals; we (or I would hope that we would) look after the young, sick, weak and old. We take care of those that cannot take care of themselves, we show compassion, selflessness and ultimately love for one another, even to people that we may have never met. This demonstrates that we are different to animals.

Therefore when we come to the subject of euthanasia I find it rather incredulous that people can equate putting an old or sick dog down with the euthanasia of say their grandmother. They are giving the life of their grandmother the same value as that of their dog. They are also equating standard veterinary care of an animal with that of [a] human being. Although veterinary care has many similarities to that of human health care, the fact that veterinary care is funded by the owners of the pets means that the standard of care affordable and or available for an animal is nowhere near what is available to a human. 

Click here to visit the website, here to visit the Facebook page, and here to view the videos on YouTube (closed captions available).

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