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A behind the scenes look at Liz Carr’s Suicide the Musical

by Joe Turnbull, Disability Arts Online, 16 October 2015

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh – and clap and sing along.

British comedian (and disability rights activist) Liz Carr is working on a new show: Assisted Suicide The Musical.

Musical theatre has become a metaphor in the piece, it’s almost a character in its own  right. Because musical theatre is a world of glitz and glamour, vitality and health, everything is sparkly in musical theatre world. But also in musicals you go along and you clap along and sing along and you almost don’t know what you’re singing along to.

I feel that’s a lot about what the debate about assisted suicide is – people think it’s about choice, and that it’s a good thing – and they clap along and sing along but they don’t really realise what they’re singing and they haven’t really thought about the lyrics, they’ve just been swept along by it. That’s what the issue has become; we just clap along but we really need to think about it.

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