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An Open Letter to All Healthcare Professionals

by Naomi Barrow, Huffington Post, 14 January 2016

Thank you to the nurses who looked after Mum. Thank you for affording her so much dignity right up until her final day. Thank you for always being so cheerful and chatty, no matter if we were your first or tenth family of the day. Thank you for talking to my Dad as well as my Mum. Thank you for chatting to us, her children, reassuring us with your smiles and kind natures. 

Thank you to the nurses in the hospital when we visited Mum each time. Whatever ward we were on, whatever time of day or night we could always find one of you when we needed you. Thank you for giving Mum so much care and attention even in the early hours of the morning when you would probably have rather been in bed. Thank you for taking the time to talk to Dad, to go through medications and charts with him and give him all the time he needed when you no doubt had other patients to see. Thank you to the nurse who spoke to my brother and I on the night Mum was in a coma – you were rushed off your feet but took the time to speak to us and let us know where you were if we needed you.

Thank you to all the health care assistants. You may think your work went unnoticed, but not by us. We saw what an excellent relationship you built up with Mum. We saw you encourage her to walk again. We saw you help her wash and dress. We saw you provide her with dignity in a truly horrendous time.

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