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Assisted dying legislation creates different categories of human life

by Emma Dawson, The Age, 16 October 2017

Last month, Go Gentle released a short film designed to be “almost unwatchable” in its re-enactment of a man’s death, his unbearable suffering and that of his family. By relying on this horror show to make their argument, the wealthy, white, middle-aged folk behind Go Gentle are exploiting people’s deepest fears rather than making a rational case for legislative change.

The demographic make-up of the lobby group is significant. The push for assisted dying worldwide is driven by wealthy Western baby boomers who have enjoyed over their lifetimes a relative freedom from serious illness and a level of personal autonomy unprecedented in human history.

With our first world medical care and significant economic privilege, we have apparently reached a state of “peak wellness” in which defeating the force of death is the last battle.

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