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Australia: Voters ‘wary of rushing euthanasia laws, don’t trust MPs to get it right’

by Rebecca Urban, The Australian, 27 July 2017

Ms Urban reports on a recent poll in Victoria, Australia which shows that most people “have serious reservations about the impending ­introduction of voluntary euthanasia laws, and most do not trust the state’s politicians to oversee a decision on the contentious issue”.

The statewide poll, conducted by anti-euthanasia lobby HOPE Inc, revealed 49 per cent of respondents did not want the proposed legislation to be rushed, claiming too many unanswered questions remained. A further 21 per cent were adamantly opposed to legalising euthanasia.

Just 30 per cent said, “just get on with it and legalise it”, when asked their preferred outcome.

The findings from the poll, which took place in the first week of May, involving interviews with more than 1000 people of various ages and geographic locations, ­diverge greatly from other polls on the issue in recent years, which have shown public support for ­euthanasia laws to be as high as 85 per cent in some instances.

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