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Australian Medical Association re-affirms opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide

by Paul Russell, Hope: No Euthanasia, 24 November 2016

Mr Russell reports on the Australian Medical Association’s position statement on euthanasia and assisted suicide (it remains opposed) and the “very shabby” reporting by the media.

I could go on about The Australian‘s new-found enthusiasm for euthanasia. That’s annoying enough but sloppy journalism really gets me going. Here’s a classic example (The Australian):

“The replacement policy states that a failure by doctors to initiate or continue life-prolonging measures for a dying patient does not constitute euthanasia.”

Failure? That implies negligence; the doctor ‘failed’ to do his or her job. What rot! The policy says nothing of the sort:

2.2 If a doctor acts in accordance with good medical practice, the following forms of management at the end of life do not constitute euthanasia or physician assisted suicide:  not initiating life-prolonging measures;  not continuing life-prolonging measures; or  the administration of treatment or other action intended to relieve symptoms which may have a secondary consequence of hastening death.

Doesn’t sound like ‘failure’ to me.

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