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Bay of Plenty Times Opinion: Assisted dying a slippery slope

by Amy Wiggins, Bay of Plenty Times, 23 September 2016

Ms Wiggins is the head of news for the Bay of Plenty Times.

Whether you are for or against assisted dying in principle, other countries have already proven how slippery a slope it is.

When Belgium legalised euthanasia in 2002 there was a minimum age limit but in 2014 that was removed.

Children are now allowed to end their lives with the help of a doctor as long as their parents agree. A critically ill 17-year-old this week became the first minor to be euthanised in Belgium.

The removal of an age limit raises the issue of whether parents or children will come under pressure from one another forcing one party to submit to the other’s wishes.

The issue is the same for the elderly, disabled and those who are so sick they can no longer look after themselves.


What might start out as a way for the terminally ill to end their suffering could all too quickly snowball out of control. It’s a road I don’t think we should go down.

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