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Belgium nursing home ordered to compensate family for refusing to participate in euthanasia

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 30 June 2016

Mr Schadenberg reports on a civil law case in Belgium in which a court has ordered a nursing home to pay €6,000 for declining to be involved in the euthanasia of a 74-year old woman in 2011.

According to the European Institute of Bioethics report, the civil court ordered the Saint Augustinus nursing home to pay 6000 euros to the family of Mariette Buntjens, “for the harm they suffered from having to move their mother so that she could be euthanized”.

Mariette Buntjens (74) died by euthanasia in the family home in August 2011. The family claimed that the the nursing home refused to allow doctors to interview their mother at the nursing home for the purpose of euthanasia.
During the trial (May 18, 2016) the nursing home told the court that the conditions for euthanasia were not met and the nursing home claimed that the doctors had not contacted the nursing home medical team for the interview.
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