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Canadian euthanasia advocates seek to extend law after just ten days

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 27 June 2016

Just ten days after the Canadian parliament passed a euthanasia and assisted suicide law in response to a Supreme Court decision, advocates are heading back to court to extend its scope.

Globe and Mail reporter Laura Stone informs us that the BC Civil Liberties Association is launching a court case to “strike down” as unconstitutional the provision in the euthanasia law that states a person’s “natural death must be reasonably foreseeable” to qualify for death by lethal injection.

This is the first of many court challenges to Canada’s euthanasia and assisted suicide law. The euthanasia lobby are wanting to extend euthanasia to “mature” minors, to people with dementia (through advanced directives) and for people with psychiatric conditions alone.

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