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New Zealanders at Euthanasia 2016 conference

by Matthew Jansen, Care Alliance, 12 May 2016 The Euthanasia 2016 conference starts in Amsterdam this morning (New Zealand time). It is the World Federation of Right to Die Societies biennial conference, organised on its behalf by NVVE, the Dutch Right to Die Society which is currently campaigning for all people over 70 years old to have access to… Read more »

From the “You couldn’t make this stuff up” files

by Aron Hyman, Times Live (South Africa), 6 May 2016 In 2011 Sean Davison pleaded guilty in Dunedin to assisting the suicide of his mother in 2006, and was sentenced to five months home detention. Despite the guilty plea, he said outside the Court “I am not a criminal. I feel I did not commit a crime and… Read more »

289% increase in Dutch euthanasia deaths since 2006

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 6 May 2016 As the international pro-euthanasia lobby gathers in Amsterdam for the Euthanasia 2016 conference this week, a Netherlands’ government report shows that the number of reported euthanasia deaths in that country increased by 4.8 percent in the past year (5,306 in 2014: 5561 in 2015), or nearly 3 times the 1,923… Read more »

Baroness Campbell: Believe me, I absolutely love my life

by Olga Craig, The Telegraph, 12 July 2009 A 2009 article when Baroness Jane Campbell was a leading figure in the defeat of an assisted suicide bill in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords. (She was also a leading figure in the 2015 campaign that defeated another assisted suicide bill in the House of Commons.) Baroness… Read more »

The euthanasia Leviathan will brook no opposition

by Udo Schuklenk, Journal of Medical Ethics blog, 22 April 2016 Dr Schuklenk is a professor of philosophy at Queen’s University in Canada. He was a member of the “expert panel” commissioned by the Royal Society of Canada to report on assisted dying, and is scheduled to provide a keynote address at the Euthanasia 2016 conference… Read more »

Why on Earth is Anyone Surprised By the Rise in US Suicides? Advertising Works.

by True Dignity Vermont, 22 April 2016 The American National Centre for Health Statistics has released figures showing a 24 percent increase in the country’s suicide rate between 1999 and 2014. (There had been a steady decline in the rate between 1986 and 1999.) Much media attention has focused on the impact of economic stresses following… Read more »

Robert-Falcon Ouellette questions impact of doctor-assisted dying on Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

by Kristy Hoffman, CBC News, 15 April 2016 Robert-Falcon Ouellette, a Canadian Liberal MP, is questioning the impact of legalising assisted suicide on indigenous people, arguing that “This will be a right that will become entrenched and the impacts on vulnerable groups will become entrenched and it’s very hard to stop.” Historically, the concept of suicide… Read more »

UK hate crime against disabled people rises 41 per cent in one year

by Caroline Mortimer, The Independent, 9 November 2015 Caroline Mortimer reports on figures in the United Kingdom showing hate crimes recorded by police increased from 1,955 incidents in 2013-14 to 2,765 incidents in 2014-15. The news comes on the 20th anniversary of the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act – which gave disabled people the same legal rights… Read more »