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Euthanasia debate: Jayne Malcolm’s story, the flip side of assisted death

by Katie Kenny, Fairfax Media, 26 January 2016 Lecretia Seales and Jayne Malcolm had much in common. They were Wellington-based lawyers diagnosed with brain tumours. They had wide smiles and dark wavy hair. They died at 42 years of age. While Lecretia campaigned for physician-assisted death, Jayne wanted to wait for a miracle. In some… Read more »

Tributes paid to campaigner’s ‘steely determination, selflessness and dignity’

by John Pring, Disability News Service, 21 January 2016 Friends and fellow activists have paid tribute to the anti-euthanasia and disability rights campaigner Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick, whose life and death “epitomised the true meaning of dignity”. Fitzpatrick – who died on 15 January, leaving a wife, Fabienne, and three adopted children – played a huge… Read more »

Assisted Suicide Is Not A Progressive Issue

by Matthew Jansen, Pundit, 20 January 2016 Matthew Jansen (Secretary of the Care Alliance) had a column published on The Pundit blogsite highlighting that people using the Oregon Death With Dignity Act come from a very narrow section of society. The Guardian columnist Giles Fraser recently wrote “let us not pretend that this ‘personal choice’ is unaffected by… Read more »

Unequal Lives, Unequal Deaths

by Sunita Puri, New York Times, 20 January 2016 Dr Puri is a palliative care physician working in the poorer districts of South Los Angeles: a place where “people die an average of 10 years earlier than those who live less than 10 miles away.” Death may be humanity’s great equalizer, but the inequalities suffered… Read more »

Reflections On A Moving Story

by Matthew Jansen, Kiwiblog guest post, 20 January 2016 Kiwiblog (which had written sympathetically about an elderly Australian couple who completed a pre-determined suicide last year) provided Matthew Jansen, Secretary of the Care Alliance, with an opportunity to put a different perspective of what the story meant. The international experience in Oregon, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland is… Read more »

A thank you letter to David Bowie from a palliative care doctor

by Mark Taubert, BMJ Blogs, 15 January 2016 Mark Taubert is a palliative care doctor in Cardiff. He writes about what David Bowie’s music means to him, and how he talked about Bowie’s death with one of his patients. So back to the conversation I had with the lady who had recently received the news that… Read more »

Eight Reasons To Oppose Assisted Suicide

With just two weeks left to make a submission to the Health Select Committee’s investigation of the factors that contribute to the desire to end one’s life, please consider the eight reasons to oppose assisted suicide: Legal safeguards cannot protect the vulnerable from euthanasia abuses. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are the ultimate tool for elder… Read more »

An Open Letter to All Healthcare Professionals

by Naomi Barrow, Huffington Post, 14 January 2016 Thank you to the nurses who looked after Mum. Thank you for affording her so much dignity right up until her final day. Thank you for always being so cheerful and chatty, no matter if we were your first or tenth family of the day. Thank you… Read more »

UK: Patients at end of life face a postcode lottery doctors warn

by Andrew Gregory, Daily Mirror, 14 January 2016 Ensuring everyone has access to high-quality palliative care when they need it is not easy, but it is essential. We can, and should, always strive to do better. A review of end of life care services in the United Kingdom (conducted by the British Medical Association and social research agency… Read more »