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Chair of Belgian Right to die with dignity association referred to judiciary in death of healthy 85-year-old woman

by HOPE Australia, 29 October 2015

For the very first time since the Belgian euthanasia law was introduced in 2002, the Belgian Euthanasia Commission has referred a reported euthanasia case to the judiciary for review. It relates to the death of 85-year-old Simona de Moor, a physically healthy woman, whose story featured in a Dateline documentary aired in Australia in September.

The doctor involved is Marc van Hoey, chair of the Belgian Right to die with dignity association. In 2013 he was interviewed by the Canadian National Post:

Marc Van Hoey, a physician who performs euthanasia and is head of the Flemish death-with-dignity association, said there has been a shift toward euthanasia of what he called the high elderly. “Recently I went to see a lady of 95 years old, sitting in a nursing home all by herself. All her friends and family had died. The only people she had good contact with were the nursing team. She said every evening she goes to bed, she hopes, ‘Don’t let me wake up any more,’ ” he said. He told her she was a candidate for euthanasia.

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