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Dave Churchman is dying, but he’s facing it with a smile

by David Burroughs, Taranaki Daily News, 10 September 2016

Mr Burroughs reports on Dave Churchman, a 53-year old New Plymouth man with cancer.

As the former owner/operator of New Plymouth’s House of Travel, he spent a number of hours raising money for Hospice Taranaki, which is now caring for him.

“It’s one of those things where I think it’s a great charity and a great service for the Taranaki community but I never aspired to use,” he laughed.

He decided to talk about his experience to support Hospice Taranaki’s annual phone appeal, which starts next week and will run for nine weeks.

Churchman said dying wasn’t something that he thought about often and he instead tried to focus on living.

“It might be that you wake up at two or three in the morning thinking it’s a bit crap, this isn’t fair, but that’s the exception rather than the 24/7,” he said.

“And that’s your brain just making sure you’ve got a reality check on it but it’s not something that’s overruling¬†my life.”

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