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Euthanasia debate: Jayne Malcolm’s story, the flip side of assisted death

by Katie Kenny, Fairfax Media, 26 January 2016

Lecretia Seales and Jayne Malcolm had much in common. They were Wellington-based lawyers diagnosed with brain tumours. They had wide smiles and dark wavy hair. They died at 42 years of age.

While Lecretia campaigned for physician-assisted death, Jayne wanted to wait for a miracle. In some ways, the women personify the crux of the euthanasia debate in New Zealand.

[Jayne’s parents] Geoff and Margie can’t speak highly enough of the care they received from their community, and from Mary Potter Hospice in particular.

Jayne was on 24-hour morphine and a district nurse would visit daily to change the syringe driver. Three days a week, carers would come to wash her. From time to time, a doctor would check in. Women from the local parish would drop by with meals.

“If we were in trouble we’d phone Mary Potter and they’d come around if Jayne was in pain or if we didn’t know how to do something,” Geoff says.

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