Euthanasia group plans to turn militant in NZ over the buying of lethal drugs

by Tom Hunt, DominionPost, 14 December 2016

Mr Hunt reports that Australian euthanasia doctor Philip Nitzschke (now resident in the Netherlands) is planning “to set up a new militant arm of his organisation in New Zealand to import large quantities of lethal drugs” to enable people to commit suicide.

Exit International director Philip Nitschke said his members were fed up with politicians’ inaction, and would set up ExitAction as a shamelessly criminal group similar to the Aids drug-buying group portrayed in the movie Dallas Buyers Club.

“This is not something you beg for. This is something you take,” Nitschke said.

When ExitAction was announced internationally earlier this month, Nitschke put out a statement saying access to euthanasia drugs was a right of all competent adults, “regardless of sickness or permission from the medical profession”.

Maryan Street, President of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, notably did not condemn the group’s plans.

She said on Wednesday that Exit’s plans were “completely outside the area of activity that my organisation is involved in”.

The Police, who are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the suicide of an Exit International member earlier this year, said:

“The legislation regarding voluntary euthanasia is a matter for Government.

“However, the importation of controlled drugs, along with aiding and abetting suicide, remain serious offences in New Zealand and police will take appropriate steps when we become aware of allegations regarding these offences.”

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