Euthanasia is Almost a Declaration of No Confidence in Medicine

by Wesley J. Smith, Sputnik, 6 January 2018

What is actually being preached here is that the state should give its stamp of approval to some suicide. Now nobody in the euthanasia movement thinks that a teenager who is going through a broken romance, just as an example, and becomes suicidal should be given help or suicide, and they would say yes, of course, the teenager or young adult, or a mother, whose child was hit by a car should be given suicide prevention.

But then they turn around and say that a person with cancer shouldn’t be given suicide prevention if they want to kill themselves. Well of course they should, there’s plenty of people who, when they receive a dire prognosis become suicidal and depressed, and if they’re given the proper interventions weeks and months later are very happy to be alive. If we say we’re going to prevent some suicide but facilitate other suicides, what we’re actually doing is saying that some lives have greater benefit and are more worthy of being lived than others, and that leads inherently to inequality, and that should be resisted at every turn.

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