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FBI reports hate crimes against disabled persons in 2014

The FBI collects crime statistics from 15,494 American law enforcement agencies. Its latest report  identifies that in 2014 there were 84 offences against 96 people because of their mental or physical disabilities. Note: these were only the reported cases.

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Earlier this year, The Guardian reported on disability hate crimes in Britain.

Jealousy of the perceived “perks” of disability, such as the adapted car, seemed to be a motivating factor in some attacks. Disabled people are also perceived as in the way. “On one occasion when I fell a man just stepped over me like I was vermin”, said a respondent. Another said: “There’s usually some kind of ‘useless’ part of the labelling..,a get out of the way, or why are you blocking everything up, or some such.” Space on buses came up as a common flashpoint: “The bus was quite full but a guy who had a pram wanted to sit with his partner and demanded I move. I said no and tried to explain my disability. He called me a ‘spas’ and a ‘mong’”.

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