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First glimmers of second thoughts in Belgium

by Andy Furniere, Flanders Today, 9 December 2015

Belgium has the world’s broadest euthanasia law. Some people are now having second thoughts: 65 psychiatrists, psychologists and professors have published an Open Letter saying that euthanasia should not be available for psychological suffering alone.

On average, 2,000 people a year in Belgium choose to end their lives through euthanasia. Most are terminally ill, but about 3% of them request the procedure because of unbearable psychological suffering. In the past two years, there were about 100 such cases.

The experts said they were “alarmed by the trivialisation” of the option. It cannot be objectively determined whether psychological suffering is incurable, they wrote, and pointed out that feelings of despair are typical of depression.

Well, it’s a start.

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