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From the “You couldn’t make this stuff up” files

by Aron Hyman, Times Live (South Africa), 6 May 2016

In 2011 Sean Davison pleaded guilty in Dunedin to assisting the suicide of his mother in 2006, and was sentenced to five months home detention. Despite the guilty plea, he said outside the Court “I am not a criminal. I feel I did not commit a crime and I didn’t deserve five months home detention.”

Dr Davison now lives and works in South Africa, where he founded a pro-euthanasia lobby group, and is currently in Amsterdam to present a paper at Euthanasia 2016 (the World Federation of Right To Die Societies conference).

Dr Davison told Aron Hyman that he would present his “new neuroscience research” that would show that “a ban on euthanasia amounted to discrimination against women.”

Davison said tests had shown women found suicide harder than men, and in countries where assisted death was legal many more women had taken that option; therefore a ban on euthanasia amounted to discrimination against women.

“A woman is using her whole brain to end her life, the whole brain is saying ‘I can’t do this’. Whereas a man, with a more compartmentalised brain, is able to isolate that thought and is able to end his own life,” he said.

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