Like an umbrella, good care shelters a person in adverse conditions,
enabling a journey from one place to another that can be shared with others.

icare represents a commitment to excellent care
to enable good living and good dying.

icare is the Care Alliance’s major information campaign featuring short videos of 15 New Zealanders who share their disability, palliative care, medical and legal perspectives highlighting the risks and fallacies of the End of Life Choice Bill.  

Dr Sinéad Donnelly 1

Palliative Care Physician

The second video in “icare” series, Dr Donnelly shares how euthanasia would impact the way she works with her patients and responds to suffering.

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Dr David Tripp

General Physician

The third video in the “icare” series. Dr Tripp shares how euthanasia would “always be the elephant in the room” in the way it impacts the care he provides for his patients.

Dr Amanda Landers

Community Palliative Care Physician

The sixth video in the “icare” series, Amanda talks about dying, palliative care, and some of the myths around euthanasia and palliative care.

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Brett Jones RN

Mental Health Clinician

The seventh video in the “icare” series, Brett draws from his mental health nursing experience to highlight the contradiction between current mental health practices and approaches to care, and the prospect of euthanasia.

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Dr Ron Jones

Retired Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

The ninth video in the “icare” series, Dr Jones talks about the dichotomy euthanasia creates in medical practice, and the responsibility of doctors in their practice.

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Jane Rollings 1

Hospice Palliative Care Manager

The tenth video in the “icare” series, Jane reflects on an encounter she has as a nurse with an older lady in Hospice care who wished to end her life, and the response Jane gave.

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Dr John Thwaites


The eleventh video in the “icare” series, Dr Thwaites reflects on what the doctor-patient relationship is based on, and how euthanasia might impact that.

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Jane Rollings 2

Hospice Palliative Care Manager

The twelfth video in the “icare” series, Jane talks about palliative care, dignity, euthanasia, and creating compassionate communities.

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Tupu Ioane-Cleverley

Specialist General Physician

The thirteenth video in the “icare” series, Tupu talks about the impact of euthanasia on Pacific Island peoples.

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Jannah Dennison

Mother and Children's Worker

The fourteenth video in the “icare” series, Jannah talks about suffering, the practice of compassion, and the impact of euthanasia.

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Huhana Hickey

Director, Advocate and Consultant

The fifteenth video in the “icare” series, Huhana talks about the social perceptions of disability, vulnerability, and what she values from her health professionals.

Greg Coyle

Principal Advisor, Social Services Agency

The seventeenth video in the “icare” series, Greg talks about coercion, choice, and euthanasia.

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Tim Goulding 1


The eighteenth video in the “icare” series, Tim talks about financial considerations and families regarding choice at the end of life.

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Dr Sinéad Donnelly

Palliative Care Physician

The nineteenth video in the “icare” series, Dr Donnelly discusses the idea of whether doctors should be involved in euthanasia.

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Kilian de Lacy

Retired Registered Nurse

The twentieth video in the “icare” series, Kilian talks about the social perceptions of older persons and how that interacts with euthanasia.

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David Richmond

Professor Emeritus, Geriatric Medicine

The twenty-first video in the “icare” series, Professor Richmond talks about how euthanasia changes the practice of medicine.

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Dion Howard

Specialist Adolescent Mental Health

The twenty-third video in the “icare” series, Dion shares his perspective as a mental health nurse around responses to suffering and the role of nurses in providing care.
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Tim Goulding 2


The twenty-fourth video in the “icare” series, Tim shares his legal experience around family law and choice and coercion.

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