Elder Care

Report elder abuse

Elder Abuse and Neglect is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person.

Definition adopted from WHO Toronto Declaration on the Global Prevention of Elder Abuse, 2002

Age Concern provides free and confidential Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services for older people and their carers, providing support and advocacy so that older people can be happy, healthy and safe.

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The Ministry of Health’s provides a six-step model for health care providers to use when identifying and responding to elder abuse. Click here for the Guidelines.


The reality of elder abuse in New Zealand

      In June 2015 the Office for Senior Citizens published “Towards gaining a greater understanding of Elder Abuse and Neglect in New Zealand”.
      The key findings included:
  • Around one in ten older people reported some form of abuse (most closely linked to vulnerability and coercion).
  • Women experienced a greater sense of vulnerability, dependence and dejection, while men experienced higher levels of coercion.
  • Older people who were divorced, separated or widowed people felt considerably more sad and lonely, or were uncomfortable with someone in their family.
  • Elder abuse leads to significant reduction in physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as increases in loneliness and depression.
  • Projections indicate that the number of older people experiencing elder abuse and neglect will increase significantly in the next 20 years, alongside a doubling of the 65 and over population.


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