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Videos of MPs opposed to the Seymour EOLC Bill


Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception CC tiny


The Last Mile Home

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A Child’s Grief

A Child's Grief


The desire to die is mainly non-physical – Should assisted suicide be legal? 4 December 2015


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Renee Joubert is the Executive Director of Euthanasia-Free New Zealand.

Does it make sense to say that suicide is not okay, but assisted suicide is okay? Isn’t that like saying theft is not okay, but assisted theft is okay. Don’t rob a bank by yourself, get someone else to help you do it.



The compassionate response? 19 November 2015

From the Short Cuts series recorded at the “Why Not? | making sense of the case against assisted suicide,” events, Dr Huhana Hickey talk about how legalising assisted suicide would not be an act of compassion but the establishment of a category of the killable.



Being a ‘burden’ 12 November 2015

From the Short Cuts series recorded at the “Why Not? | making sense of the case against assisted suicide,” events, Dr Rod MacLeod talks about how it is easy to feel like we’re a burden. This feeling can make us susceptible to indirect and/or direct pressure from our families and carers.



Taxpayer-funded study by euthanasia supporters ‘fatally flawed’ 18 October 2015

The Government is under fire for funding a study on euthanasia that’s being run by researchers who support assisted dying. Opponents are angry, claiming the study asking doctors and nurses for their views on euthanasia is biased and flawed. The study is being led by two Auckland researchers, Dr Phillipa Malpas and Dr Pam Oliver, who told participants “we are independent”. But they didn’t reveal they’re members of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society which is pushing for a law change to let doctors help patients die.

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What really matters at the end of life, 30 September 2015

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BJ Miller is a palliative care doctor: “We all need a reason to wake up. For me it just took 11,000 volts.”



Palliative care doctor speaks out against euthanasia 2 June 2015

My job is to help people live well until they die.



The right to die in Belgium: An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law 15 January 2015

I’m quite used to talk about assisted dying and so on. It’s part of my job.


The difference between animals and humans, 25 November 2014

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Civilised societies have always believed that we should treat human beings differently than we treat animals.


Actress Liz Carr speaks at Westminster rally 18 July 2014

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Rather than give me choice, what it does is means that a doctor is off the hook. It’s going to be much harder to prove that a doctor has acted unlawfully.


Palliative Care Professor Baroness Finlay discusses the Netherlands experience 2007

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One of the most shocking things to discover was the number of euthanasia deaths … ones where there hasn’t been an explicit request. Despite their legislation, reporting is still only at 54%.