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Kevin Hague just treated 21,435 New Zealanders with utter contempt

by Matthew Jansen, Care Alliance, 22 September 2016

Media release

“Kevin Hague just treated 21,435 New Zealanders with utter contempt,” says Matthew Jansen, Secretary of the Care Alliance. “On 23 June 2015 Mr Hague stood on the steps of Parliament to receive a petition asking for an investigation of public attitudes into assisted dying.”

“A record 21,435 people answered the call of the Health Select Committee for public submissions. But Mr Hague now says that the Green Party doesn’t need to listen to those views. He’s made up his mind, that’s good enough for him, and there’s nothing that anyone can say to change it.”

“It is an appalling breach of trust of all those New Zealanders, for and against, who took the time and effort to contribute their views.”


Click here to read Mr Hague’s announcement of the Green Party policy.

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