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Liberals accused of ‘arbitrarily’ withholding assisted suicide report by expert panel

National Post, 12 January 2016

The Canadian Supreme Court decision in Carter v Canada was not the end of the debate about assisted suicide in that country, just the end of the beginning.

The Court required the Federal Parliament to institute a law that met its requirements within 12 months, but that is increasingly unlikely.

The Liberal government is being urged to immediately release a report it received a month ago from a panel of experts that studied the politically charged issue of doctor-assisted suicide.

One group, concerned by the prospect of a wide-open regime of euthanasia in Canada, said Tuesday it appears the government is deliberately sitting on the report.

And the Conservative opposition says the government has provided no reason for why the report by “distinguished Canadians” is being “arbitrarily” withheld.

But a spokesman in the Justice Department said the government is committed to releasing the report “soon.” 

The call for the report’s release comes as the government on Tuesday quietly named 11 MPs to join senators on a special joint parliamentary committee responsible for shaping federal legislation on assisted dying.

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