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Moving to palliative care

by Elizabeth Caplice, Palliverse, 13 May 2016

Elizabeth Caplice turned 32 in April.

i have been terminally ill for some time, under one definition or another, but the sort of treatment i am seeking now, and the way my body feels now, is changing. i know that i am getting ready to move from my oncology team to my palliative care team, and that i am preparing to begin the process of dying.

It is a time for me now where i see different expressions on the faces of my palliative care doctors. they carry a deep understanding of death, and more importantly, of the last stages of life for both those of us dying, and those around us. but i sense from my team that they are ready for this task to take me forward, and that the death they will give me will give them what is important as professionals. as a patient, i take enormous comfort in this – knowing that i will move with my oncology team who i consider family, and get to know this new team who will also be such an important part of my life – as a patient for whom both life, and living, and dying, all matter.
As someone who is 32 and dying, i consider my life to not at all be cut short. there are always things we wish we had done. always places left to go to, people to meet, things to experience. my life is no less rich for not being longer, and in no way have i been deprived of something i have been inherently owed. 

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