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Mum told: Your son deserves to die

by Tara Cassidy, Daily Mercury, 23 February 2017

Ms Cassidy reports that a Queensland mother was “left reeling after another shopper said that they were the reason ‘why euthanasia should be legalised in this country’.”

She was shopping at Caneland Central with her family when Travis, 4, experienced a minor epileptic fit, which left him drooling a little bit and needing some tending to.

“I took him into the parents’ room to get him cleaned up and give him somewhere to wind down and not be upset,” she explained.

“As I walked in the door I was confronted by another mother who saw him and said, ‘children like that are the reason why euthanasia should be legalised in this country’.”

According to Ms Brooks, the incident at Caneland wasn’t the first time she’s encountered such comments but she wants it to be the last.

“I’ve had parents say the same thing to me before. I’ve had total strangers at the bus stop see my son in a pram and go ‘why would you keep a child like that alive?’,” she said.

“But they don’t know. People are scared and uneducated. They don’t understand that these kids are happy, they’re interacting with life and loving life.

“Even medical staff have said things to me sometimes. When I have the opportunity I explain to them what I love about raising my son and the reaction I got was one of actual surprise.

“They said to me that they thought it would all be negative and stressful, they had never considered that it could be positive and rewarding, which it is.”

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