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Netherlands: Liberal politicians open to idea of assisted suicide for under-75s

DutchNews.nl, 3 March 2017

Pia Dijkstra, a D66 member of the Netherlands parliament, has submitted a private members bill to make it legal to arrange the death of anyone over 75 with an ‘intrinsic and consistent’ wish to die.

Now the leader of the D66 party, Alexander Pechtold, has made it clear that such an age limit is tactical, not principled.

In answer to a question from a 57-year-old man who said he wants to die, Pechtold said the time was not ripe for a broader law, but that he was personally in favour. ‘I think that in a civilization, thoughts about death are for the individual,’ he said. ‘You didn’t ask to be put upon this earth and if you say – with full understanding – that this is enough…That is my personal opinion.’

But, he added, ‘We now have support for this initiative [by Pia Dijkstra]. In order not to disrupt this support, we need to take it step by step.’

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