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New York Courts Rule Against “Aid in Dying” and Warn of Its Dangers

by Richard M. Doerflinger, The Public Discourse, 29 September 2017

The Court of Appeals noted that claims of a state constitutional right to assisted suicide have lost everywhere else they have been tried—in Alaska, California, Florida, Michigan, and New Mexico.

But this new defeat in New York is especially devastating to the assisted suicide cause. New York is considered a bellwether “progressive” state. Eleven of its distinguished legal officials—ten judges and the Attorney General—have unanimously rejected an aggressive effort by “Compassion & Choices” (C&C) and its allies to establish a constitutional “right” for their agenda. And all eleven were appointed by liberal “pro-choice” Democrats: current governor Andrew Cuomo (who named all the judges on the Court of Appeals), his father Mario Cuomo, or the state’s first African-American governor, David Paterson. This confounds C&C’s talking point that only benighted religious believers and right-wing politicians stand in its way.

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