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Not Dead Yet Aotearoa demands better disability stories


Not Dead Yet Aotearoa were part of the noisy, high-profile protests around New Zealand yesterday, decrying the “disability snuff movie” Me Before You.

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Not Dead Yet Aotearoa applauds that disabled people are calling Hollywood, actors and the writer out for “tired old stereotypes that exist only in overwrought imaginations. The protest is well overdue, and full credit to the organisers” says NDYA convener Wendi Wicks. “It’s time for the nightmare-peddlers to come out and listen to real disabled people tell real disabled stories that they themselves have created and where disabled people portray themselves.”

“ ‘Me Before You’ gives us sloppy research, tired story lines, directors in denial, and non-disabled actors portraying unreal disabled people. That’s any number of reasons for disabled people to tell them to pack up and decamp. Maybe then we’ll get decent choices in our living rather than just a choice to die.”

Click here to follow the action on NDYA’s Facebook page.

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