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Philip Nitschke launches ‘militant’ campaign for unrestricted adult access to euthanasia

by Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 4 December 2016

Ms Davidson reports that Australian Philip Nitschke, the head of Exit International who recently migrated to the Netherlands, has launched a “sub-group” called Exit Action. The group “would take ‘a militant pro-euthanasia position’ to coordinate direct action strategies and force legislative change.”

“Exit Action is critical of the ‘medical model’ that sees voluntary euthanasia as a privilege given to the very sick by the medical profession,” the organisation said.

“The standard approach for years has been to get the very sick to tell their stories of suffering to the public and politicians, in the hope that politicians might take pity and change the law.”

“Exit Action believes that a peaceful death, and access to the best euthanasia drugs, is a right of all competent adults, regardless of sickness or permission from the medical profession.”

Nitschke also said he expected Exit Action members to launch an online “buyers’ club” for euthanasia drugs regardless of legislation.

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