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Philosophers telling Doctors what they must do

by David Farrar, Kiwiblog, 5 October 2016

Mr Farrar – who describes himself as “100% pro-choice and pro-euthanasia” – takes issue with a group of philosophers and bioethicists who “had a nice junket in Switzerland where they decided on some ethical guidelines for doctors to follow. The august gathering included someone from Otago University.”

A couple of interesting aspects:

Healthcare practitioners who wish to conscientiously object to providing medical treatment should be required to explain the rationale for their decision.

Sounds like a board of inquisition.

Accordingly, in such countries, the reasons healthcare practitioners offer for their conscientious objection could be assessed by tribunals, which could test the sincerity, strength and the reasonability of healthcare practitioners’ moral objections to certain medical services.

What terrible arrogant language. Require practitioners to compensate society because they may not wish to do abortions, or take part in euthanasia.

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