Plumbers will always rank above MPs, because they’re useful

by Rosemary McLeod, The Dominion Post, 22 June 2018

For that matter, there is a chasm as wide and deep as Cook Strait between him and any doctor or nurse who deals with real life and death decisions made by real human beings in times of trouble. He ranks so far below them that we can barely see the top of his head, though he is paid far more than a nurse currently threatening strike action.

Seymour is confident to promote euthanasia, however, knowing that he will never be the person in the room expected to kill a patient on demand rather than ease their suffering. He might flinch to put down an old cat personally, but doesn’t hesitate to support the death of human beings who are suffering, or simply becoming burdensome. If his supporters had their way, they’d have urged Stephen Hawking to off himself years ago, and whistled as they went about it.

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