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Rest home caregiver’s slap caught on hidden camera

by Libby Wilson, Stuff, 22 August 2016

Ms Wilson reports on the case of 86-year old Hamilton man Piri Hemi, who has dementia, limited mobility and can’t see or hear well.

The Hemi family reluctantly put Piri into a rest home when his care needs got too much for Piri’s wife of 65 years, Betty, son Allan Hemi said.

Piri moved into The Cascades on February 3 for hospital-level care and the family visited daily.

After about three weeks, Piri stopped his characteristic singing and whistling, and wasn’t talking, Allan said, then one day he put his hands over his head and said, “Don’t hit me, I’m dumb.”

Worried about what was happening, the family installed a motion-activated camera, which

caught a caregiver giving Piri an audible slap on the hip. She also slapped repeatedly on his forehead and roughly moved him around the bed. The footage came soon after Piri had fallen, denting a wall with his head, and the family were angry.

Mr Hemi is now back living with his whanau, and a complaint has been made to the Health and Disability Commissioner.

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