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Suddenly, disabled protesters are the greatest heroes who ever lived

by Narelle Henson, Waikato Times, 18 June 2016

Ms Henson reviews the Me Before You movie and protests, and finds one more inspirational than the other.

As protests go, it wasn’t the biggest history has seen. Nor was it the most violent.

In fact, very little was interesting about the tiny group gathered outside a cinema in Auckland this week except, perhaps, that it was disproportionately full of disabled people.

That’s why I think it would make a great blockbuster.

You see, hidden within the broken exteriors that most movie-goers would have seen are some of the bravest, the strongest, and the most beautiful hearts in our nation.

And this tiny, ramshackle group of protesters threw those bodies full force into a life-and-death battle. A battle too many able-bodied people can’t be bothered with.

They were protesting the opening of Me Before You. The film is Hollywood’s charming, exquisite, and seductively slick treatise on a subject it apparently sees as a money-spinner: euthanasia. But that lovely veneer hides a blunt and lethal message: it’s better to be dead than disabled.

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