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Assisted Suicide – What’s The Big Song and Dance?

by Mik Scarlet, HuffPost UK, 21 August 2017

Mr Scarlet is a broadcaster, journalist, and musician.

However much many would like to think that our community has gained increasing equality and rights, disabled people are still not seen as truly equal. With the Paralympics fast approaching and Channel 4 rolling out it’s Superhumans publicity campaign it becomes obvious that disabled people doing usual things like singing, playing music and/or playing world class sport is still seen as special – mostly as disability is still understood as being the loss of ability, the loss of being normal.

This loss is feared by most of the non-disabled world, and means that for most people who become disabled, the stereotypes of disability leave them heartbroken at what the new future might hold. Is a society, which understands disability as something to fear, as a tragic loss of independence, autonomy and freedom really ready to allow assisted suicide?

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