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Thanks to the nurses and doctors

As most of us have a day off to spend time with friends and family, and to give thanks for the joys of life, let’s take a moment to think of everyone who is working today – engineers, police, and the doctors and nurses caring for those in hospital – and say thanks.

Brie Gowen describes herself as a part-time nurse and full-time mom.

Nurses perform their duties with a smile, with an air of efficiency, and often what seems to be an indifference. You will not see their calm expression falter even as the feces hits the fan. You might see them stoic while you cry, or even laughing later in the hall.

You won’t see what’s underneath that seamless smile. You won’t see the reality of heartache, grief, and emotional loss that your nurse is experiencing right along with you. I think this is because if we let it out, we might never be able to reel it back in, and our skills would suffer under the strain of too much flow of feelings.

Instead of tears you see singing. You will never know that when I see your mother in the bed I think of my own, and I miss her terribly. As I watch you hold your mother’s hand my grief is reopened like a poorly healing wound.

Nurses experience their own loss, but in the quest to help you with yours, you will likely never know.

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