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The Canadian government provides exemptions for murder, aiding suicide and administering poison

by Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, 15 April 2016

Alex Schadenberg talks plainly about the Canadian government’s bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide, and how far it goes beyond the Supreme Court decision in Carter vs. Canada.

From the outset, the bill makes clear the gravity of what our society is about to accept: it amends the Criminal Code to “create exemptions from the offences of culpable homicide, of aiding suicide and of administering a noxious thing, in order to permit medical practitioners and nurse practitioners to provide medical assistance in dying and to permit pharmacists and other persons to assist in the process”. …

In short, after the smoke screen that was the scandalous report of the Special Joint Committee, Bill C-14 gives the false impression of being prudent and restrictive. But a further reading enables us to understand where we are heading: the government is already expecting a need for “further studies on requests by mature minors, advance requests and requests where mental illness is the sole underlying medical condition” after the implementation of the law. 

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