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The first person I had to tell they were dying was my father, I’ll never forget it.

by Associate Professor Richard Chye, director of palliative care St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 November 2015

Because we avoid death, it is hard to know what we might want when confronted by its reality. When considering death in the abstract, it might seem euthanasia is a good way for Australia to head, but I am concerned we are too caught up with our “right” to die, while not investing in the system that helps us live as well as possible before we die.

I agree there are problems with how Australians are dying, but I think access to good-quality palliative care can change that. Australians want to die at home but need better support services to do so. Carers need respite and your postcode often determines access to services. These are the rights we are currently denied. This is what we should be getting up in arms about.

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