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‘The one thing we have in common here is feeling lonely’

by Tommy Livingston, Tom Hunt, Rachel Thomas and Deidre Mussen, DominionPost, 20 May 2016


The DominionPost reports on the latest case of the death of an elderly person going unnoticed, this time in Wellington’s Dixon Street Apartments.

The elderly man whose decomposing body was found at a central Wellington apartment block had a bulging letterbox full of mail, apparently unnoticed.

The body of Robert Scally was discovered on Wednesday afternoon after neighbours alerted police about a foul smell from his unit at the 10-storey Dixon St Apartments at The Terrace end of Dixon St.

Police said he appeared to have been lying there “for some time”, and neighbours said they had not seen him for a few months.

Neighbour Rick Shirley said the possibility that Scally could have lain dead for some time was a sad consequence of loneliness. 

“The one thing we have in common here is feeling lonely.” 

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